Scenes from 2019's iPhone Launch

I mentioned on Friday 20 September - new iPhone day - how great tit would be to get pics from people who braved lines for a new communicator. People did not disappoint.

Jacobi (  @JACOBI_XYZ   on Twitter)

Jacobi (@JACOBI_XYZ on Twitter)

Jacobi sent a few pics from Houston’s remodeled Highland Village location. He wasn’t sure he’d make the store’s re-opening, due to the storms hitting the area last week. On Friday, we wrote in, saying:

I live about 2 miles from the Apple Store, and made it there around 7 AM where there was a line... even a guy with a sleeping bag (still figuring out when he got there as we just had a major storm ). Anyway, it was to see all my friends that work for Apple who had disbursed to other stores during the remodel — and had a great time basking in the glow of the new store — and even got to chat with the crew that supply and maintain the trees at the stores! I stayed a couple hours, sitting through a few Today At Apple sessions (which were all basically about the iPhone 11 camera), went back home before the rain started up again… All-in-all, it was a good day.

Jacobi (  @JACOBI_XYZ   on Twitter)

Jacobi (@JACOBI_XYZ on Twitter)

A look at the inside of Jacobi’s re-opened, Houston Apple Store.  Jacobi (  @JACOBI_XYZ   on Twitter)

A look at the inside of Jacobi’s re-opened, Houston Apple Store.

Jacobi (@JACOBI_XYZ on Twitter)


Merf was traveling in Berlin when he snapped this iPhone 11 day line. He wrote:

We happened upon it as we were walking to get breakfast Friday morning. Took me a second to understand what all the crowds were about since we’ve been in Europe for a week and I am behind my MacOSKen podcasts. Didn’t realize it was iPhone 11 launch day since I was sitting this year out (fingers crossed for USB-C next year).

Scott (  @macsupport     on Twitter)

Scott (@macsupport on Twitter)

Scott hit me on Twitter to say, “Apple Topanga, Apple Northridge and Apple Sherman Oaks Fashion Square all have lines.” Not sure which one this was, but thanks for the pic!


Gary sent a shot from New Orleans (above), saying, “730 at night still a very decent line outside the Apple Store in New Orleans Louisiana.”

@margarth    on Twitter

@margarth on Twitter

Twitter's @margarth checked in from Bridgewater, NJ.

Don C.

Don C.

Don C. was in NYC. He sent several shots from Apple’s newly re-opened Glass Tabernacle, including video of Apple CEO Tim Cook (screenshot below).

Don C.

Don C.

Don’s POV:

Here is a glimpse of the scene, right at 8 am for the Apple Fifth re-opening... amazing after all these years, Apple still draws crowds with passion, love and eager wallets....

Screen grab of Don C.’s Tim Cook video.

Screen grab of Don C.’s Tim Cook video.

Richard W. (   @rbwaia    on Twitter)

Richard W. (@rbwaia on Twitter)

Richard W. (@rbwaia on Twitter) hit me with this pic, saying, “I was in NY for business... decided to go ahead and burn thru my stand goal on the watch ... and get an iPhone 11 Pro while I was at it ;-)”

Tremendous pic, Richard! Thanks!

"An iPod, a phone, and an Internet communicator."

"An iPod, a phone, and an Internet communicator."

A thing to free you from your desk. A thing to tie your desk to your back. A way to stay in touch with loved ones. A way to be disconnected from the people around you - to be 1,000 away from people you’re standing next to on the corner. A way to learn. A way to reinforce your most ignorant beliefs. A camera capable of taking “Studio-quality portraits. Without the studio.” A movie studio in your pocket. More music than you could listen to in a lifetime and at least as many podcasts, if that’s your thing. A way to sell your junk. A way to take pictures of your junk. And, if you’re a particular type of entrepreneur, a way to sell pictures of your junk. 

A platform.

A status symbol. 

An isolation booth.

A lifeline. 

An iPod.

A phone. 

An Internet communicator.

iPhone was launched 11 years ago today - 29 June 2007.

Rumor: Some Apple Stores to See Overnight "Reinvention"

I know someone who wears a t-shirt to work. It’s part of the dress code, actually. It’s a t-shirt with an Apple logo. Different colors different times of year. He or she works in Apple retail, and he or she has news for us this week. 

Photo: Ken Ray

Photo: Ken Ray

“... on one night in the near future,” said he or she, “ALL STORES that are not yet the new design will go through a ‘reinvention!’ Updates to interior. Updated stools. Updated LOTS!”

My friend gave me no indication as to what those changes will be, nor did he or she say when exactly. I will say, I was recently in one of the stores that’s not been updated and it could certainly use something. It does make one wonder how much they can do “on one night.” 

I’m looking forward to seeing the changes.