Report: Branson's "Project" to Take on Murdoch's "Daily" as Early as 30 Nov.

NOTE: This was written fairly early on in the "Project" story cycle. Turned out not to be completely accurate. Not sure why I'm leaving it on the page actually. And yet I seem to be. Ahimsa.


If you’re interest has been piqued by talk of Rupert Murdoch’s tablet-only news venture “The Daily” then keep your eyes on New York City Tuesday. A second, big billionaire is said to be either announcing a similar venture or launching one then.


Yahoo news says British tycoon, flight enthusiast, and major Virgin shareholder Sir Richard Branson is set to do something today in the big Apple around “Project,” which looks like it’ll be his version of “The Daily,” except his will be called “Project.”


I guess it could be "Pro-JECT." 


"Project," formerly known as “Maverick,” will reportedly cover international culture, entertainment, business, travel, and design. We may know more about it tomorrow.


[via Yahoo! News]