Re-Testing the Farnsworth

If you are a fan of the Syfy show "Warehouse 13," (and if this works) you likely recognize the image above. It's an approximation of one of the communicators used by warehouse agents, called a Farnsworth. Now, it's also an app for iThings. $.99 in the App Store.

It is basically a video messaging app, though it is missing one major element. Notifications. I have seven fellow "agents" in my Farnsworth, and have heard nothing from them. I have sent messages to a couple and received no response. There is no way to turn on notifications (badges, banners, anything) that I can find, which I guess means they are relying on people to check their Farnsworth frequently. 

There is an option to email messages, and this works. So, if you want to become an honorary Warehouse agent and want to add me to your contacts, send a request via the Farnswroth to

By the way... the Farnsworth sure would go well with the Secret Crypto Wonder Badge, available through the App Store as either a free, ad supported version here, or a paid version here.

So what do you say? Let's all be retro agents and spies!

Update: Someone was kind enough to email and let me know that "Farnsworth" does work with Notifications. My Bad.