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Have a look at what some Mac OS Ken listeners have learned with the courses at

"I can truly say its helped me improve both professionally and with the things I do for fun."

After trying out the free trial of on your recommendation I couldn't help but keep on wanting to learn.

I'm a bit of a jack of all trades, I am a Communication Skills consultant, mainly within the medical sector, which has taken me all over the world, from Cairo to Dublin, from Hong Kong to London . I also am a trained actor, design websites, run freelance online marketing campaigns and am a budding photographer (a hobby I'd like to turn into an income some day).

During my free trial I sampled as many courses as I could on any subjects I that would help me professionally or just sounded interesting. So when I began my paying subscription I knew exactly what was available to study (basically almost everything) and what I wanted to focus on. 

I have put these new skills to use in so many ways, I've redesigned my website -, I've improved my marketing practice and most importantly I've been able to make a better living.

Something I really liked was the ability to show certificates of completion on my LinkedIn profile so my contacts and potential clients could see I was undergoing continuing professional development.

Another thing I found great was that I could watch the courses anywhere, on my MacMini/TV set up, on the laptop or on my iOS devices. So I was able to fit learning new skills in around my busy and often hectic schedule with ease.

I really enjoy learning new skills and I'm planning on taking some courses on subjects such as drawing and creative writing next I think. So thanks again for your recommendation of, I can truly say its helped me improve both professionally and with the things I do for fun.

Ed K.

"There is something for everyone."

I have been a user for years. I have taken many different courses both long and short. I always turn to Lynda when I need to learn something. I am a tech support for a school district and as fast as technology changes there is always something new I need to learn about. It could be Mavericks before we update or iBook Author so I can help the students make a book about their learning garden. I particularly like the fact the the courses are broken down into manageable length lesson segments . I can fit a lesson into available time without a major commitment of time. The instructors are knowledgeable and present content clearly. I would encourage every listener to take advantage of the free trail. There is something for everyone. 

Debbie M.

"...I have no shortage of interesting stuff to learn..."

Just dropping you a quick note about how much I'm loving my subscription. I took advantage of the offer code you mentioned back at the end of August and have been starting to learn things. Things like:

  • The difference between XHTML & HTML
  • CSS and how it figures into the whole webpage design
  • Fundamental refresher course on using Apple's Logic Studio
  • Making, not taking, Pictures

My initial desire was just to learn more about post processing of images, but I found so many other subjects that caught my eye, I couldn't stop adding them to my queue. So, now I have no shortage of interesting stuff to learn and it's really hurting my huge backlog of Netflix movies I've been wanting to watch. So, thanks to you and, I may never know how Dexter ends.

Sam M.

"Grab a tip or two when we’re trying to get something done."

I’ve used Lynda a lot as a personal learning tool for several years. I’ve completed maybe 30 courses but I’ve probably looked at hundreds.  I don’t always finish a whole course because I only need to watch a movie or two when I need to brush up on something (honestly who remembers how to do a Pivot Table in Excel). I recently set up my whole team with for the same reason. Grab a tip or two when we’re trying to get something done. I was talking to my rep today and I mentioned to her that I appreciated Lynda sponsoring my favourite podcast and she said she would pass that on to the marketing folks. 

Bill K.

"’s now hard imagining life without it."

I will definitely renew my subscription in a few weeks because it’s now hard imagining life without it.  I originally subscribed to learn video editing. I returned to learn finance, investing, 3D printing, iOS 8 new features, iOS 8 SDK new features, programming in Swift (which, by the way, is an awesome language), and more.  

Oh yeah, I was delighted to learn that is a registered training provider of the Project Management Institute so I am keeping my professional certifications up to date without having to pay anything extra.  This alone would have cost many hundreds of dollars without

And oh yeah, they have great iOS apps that cloud-sync my course progress.  So I can start a course on one device and continue at the same place on any other device.  

Next, my 12 year old son wants to learn programming so, together, we are about to start "Programming for Non-Programmers: iOS 8.”  Should be fun!

I have to give credit to for keeping up with industry trends.  Almost all of the courses I took did not even exist when I subscribed a year ago.

Garry B.

"I just love it."

I just love it. The software videos are awesome as are the marketing videos. What a great resource!

Thanks so much for the referral. The service is way beyond what I expected!

Ken W.