A fan of Apple hardware since getting his first Mac in 1991, Mike - AKA Lippo - bought his first iPod in 2002. He had a feeling that this was going to change the way that people listened to music from that point on.

Then Audible started making their audio books available for iPod as well. He listened to them while working at his day job at the Chrysler minivan assembly plant in Windsor, ON where he lives. Then these pre-recorded radio shows called "podcasts" hit the scene. Having heard the likes of Adam Curry, Brian Ibbott, and Michael Butler, he knew he wanted to produce a podcast as well.

Jeff Oppen, a friend, fellow musician, co-worker, and fan of a podcast called My Mac Guys, talked Mike into producing a podcast of their own. In October of 2005 the EZMac Podcast was born. From that point, the two produced that show, along with other podcasts as well as doing a two year stint at the local college radio station. Today, they produce a music-based podcast called BigJD & Lippo In The Morning (iTunes link).

Mike was introduced to Ken Ray’s daily show early on by mutual friend and musician, Laurence Scott. Mike liked the show so much that he made a point to meet Ken at the next Macworld Expo. In 2014, when Ken suggested a weekly show with the two of them discussing stories covered on Mac OS Ken, Mike jumped at the chance.