What is Day 6?


Mac OS Ken: Day 6 is a few things. First, as the name implies, it is at least one extra day of content. That leaves only one day a week when you have to have your morning coffee alone!

Beyond that, Day 6 is an attempt to remain that creature of legend: a paid podcaster.

Since January of 2006, Mac OS Ken has hit the web five days a week at no cost to the listener. I’m committed to keeping the daily show free of cost. At the same time, Mac OS Ken is what I do. It takes full-time hours and, while I love it, it's a job. A job I love, sure, but it's a job for which I don’t usually get paid. And so the idea: present at least one more show a week and offer it to people on a monthly subscription basis.

$10 dollars a month will usually get you at least four extra shows per month, occasionally less, occasionally more. That comes out to $2.50 per extra show if you want to think about it that way... or roughly 42-cents per show if you think of it as supporting the whole of Mac OS Ken, which is really what this is about.

Sometimes the show features fellow podcasters like Adam Christianson of Maccast, Clayton Morris of The Trending Show, and Jeff Gamet of We Have Communicators. Other times, we talk with industry analysts and experts such as Ben Bajarin of Creative Startegies and Ross Rubin, formerly of NPD Group. Sometimes we talk to notable personalities such as Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak (okay... we talked to him one time) and "Living Colour" founder and guitarist Vernon Reid. And finally, sometimes it's just you and me as I wrestle with a particular news story, issue, or trend.

Subscriptions are handled through PayPal, so they're as secure as I know how to make them. You can cancel at anytime, though there’s a special place in heaven for people who don’t.

The experiment continues. Would you like to be a bigger part of it?

Sign up now and join the renaissance.