I am posting this from my iPad!

I am posting this from my iPad. I can do that with the new Squarespace Blog app for iOS. Here's a picture of huggy Kirk I have saved on my iPad. 

Hug me. I'm your captain. 

Hug me. I'm your captain. 

And here's one of huggy Spock. 

Hug me. I am not your captain.  

Hug me. I am not your captain.  

Tell your mom not to click that link!

Seriously, I'm not worried about you. But please make sure your mom, your dad, or whoever can spot the differences between a real email from Apple and a fake. Come to think of it, just give them tips on potential fakes. Use this as an example. And thanks to Michael for sending this one my way. At least he said  he was Michael...


Mac Roundtable Founding Member Tim Verpoorten Passes Away


The Mac community and Mac podcasting community lost one of its first over the weekend. Tim Verpoorten of the Mac Review Cast has passed away. In addition to the Mac Review Cast, Tim was a driving force behind starting the Mac Roundtable

Personally, I can tell you I didn’t know him well enough. We’d talk at Macworld. He was a very knowledgable and very engaging guy. He was sick for a while. We all hoped he’d get better. 

Bart Busschots referred to Tim as an ambassador for the Mac community. He was definitely a community builder. Through the Mac Roundtable I’ve come to know David Sparks and Katie Floyd and Chuck Joiner and I’m not even sure anymore how we all know each other. I do know the Mac Roundtable has been a bit of glue that’s stuck us all together from time to time. And one of the first guys to put that together is gone.

I sincerely regret not knowing Tim better. And I’m sorry to see him go.

So are we meeting up or what?

I have a message for the people of New York City: People of New York - I love your city. I brought Duncan to town. We’ve been hanging at the Madison Square Park Dog Run. Look for me there. I’ll be the guy with the dog. 

Not overly helpful.

I talked to a couple of friends in town. They say we should meet at the Heartland Brewery in Union Square - 35 Union Sq. W. at 17th St. Wanna say we do that Tuesday evening from 6:30 to 8:30? I hear it’s chill... they have beer... they have cocktails... they have food... I might try me some of that food... I only heard from a few of you... so - please - if you’re coming email me... info@macosken.com - subject line NYC Meet-up... just so I have some idea. 

Duncan will not be there by the way... you’ll have to catch him at the dog park. Info@macosken.com - subject line NYC Meet-up if you want to meet up tomorrow night... Heartland Brewery in Union Square - 35 Union Sq. W. at 17th St. Shirt and shows are probably required.